Wool Beignet - finally some photos!

I finished my Beignet skirt last weekend, and was able to wear it on my trip to London last weekend. I'm really pleased with it and have already worn it several times. I'm planning to make another, probably in a bright colour, but this skirt is ideal as a neutral 'goes with everything' skirt, which was my intention in choosing the fabric.

Things I liked about this project;
  • I'm pleased with my fabric choice for the shell and lining
  • The pattern was reasonably difficult so pushed my skills and made me learn a few new things
  • The pattern was written so well, making it on the whole easy to understand
  • Sewing the pockets on to the skirt - even though I did this wrongly at first and had to get out the seam ripper, there was something about this process which I found really exciting.
  • I was surprised that I found the button holes easy - I was nervous about sewing them
Things I disliked about this project;
  • I found sewing the panels of the shell (outer) of the skirt together quite difficult, in order to get the right shape - still not sure I managed it, but this is due to my inexperience as a dressmaker
  • I somehow managed to mess up the length so that the lining could just be seen below the shell of the skirt, and then needed to take up the hem of the lining another inch or so...no idea how that happened!
Spotty pockets! I LOVE skirts and dresses with pockets, even though I think they make me slouch as I can't resist walking round with my hands stuffed into them.

With this skirt finally finished, I am looking forward to starting on the Crepe dress as part of the sewalong. It all begins tomorrow, which will be a busy week for me, so I'm looking forward to getting started ASAP.

I'm using this fabric from my stash:

I decided to go for black for the sash - I was looking at red or mustard yellow fabric for the sash but couldn't find a yellow and had second thoughts about the red. Due to the time of year I thought green and red was just too Christmassy. I still need to investigate the possibility of underlining the dress too, as I have not yet decided if I will be doing that.

I'm excited to be involved in the sewalong and also look forward to seeing what others are making too.

K x


  1. WOW! This is fantastic. I really like the beignet in wool!

  2. I love it in wool! Thats very encouraging, because I've been wanting to make that skirt but had seen so many summery ones, I wasn't sure how the pattern would translate to a winter version but it looks smashing! I'm jealous you are doing the Crepe sewalong, I want to too! Too many things on the plate at the moment, sadly.

  3. Sorry for the late comment but just wanted to say what a lovely version of the Beignet. Love the spotty pockets and the buttons (glad you found yours easy, mine were hell on earth). It's really nice seeing it made up in wool too, well done! x


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