Silk Scarves

I have been developing a taste for the finer things in life, in the form of silk scarves. However, these are, of course, from charity shops. The first one I bought a few months ago, but have recently started wearing frequently. I don't know when it dates too, but I love the blues and abstract patterns. It has a hand-rolled hem, which I believe is a sign of good quality;

The second one is a more recent purchase. I don't know what the logo is, but it was the colour that attracted me. It also has a hand rolled hem - I tend to look for that when searching through the baskets of scarves in charity shops.

It's only recently that I have stopped feeling silly wearing scarves. I'm not sure what changed, as the way I wear them is, guess what, tying them round my neck. I did find this site, which has loads of ways to tie a scarf, so perhaps I will experiment a bit.

In other news, I have FINISHED my Beignet skirt. I'll take some photos this weekend, when I get some sun during the day. I have also posted on the Crafty Christmas Club blog, but don't read it if you will be getting a Christmas present from me this year! (You know who you are :) )

K x

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