New Year Knitting

During the past year I've really embraced knitting and dressmaking, so much so that I am looking forward to the Boxing Day Sales precisely because I am already planning the fabric and wool I can buy on sale. I'm really not bothered about other types of sales at all this year, just the ones which will allow me to continue my creative endeavours!

I thought I would share with you the knitting books I recently purchase in London, when I visited the lovely Loop. It's a beautiful shop with a great range of specialist wools, vintage knitting accessories and buttons, and loads of books. I visited on a Friday afternoon when it was reasonably quiet, but quickly discovered I was one of 4 Scotland-based knitters who had made a pilgrimage there that day!

I was very restrained in my purchases - lovely as the wool was, I've been trying not to purchase wool unless I have a project in mind. So, the two books I bought were

  • Debbie Bliss Land Girl
  • Itty Bitty Toys by Susan B Anderson

I've had my eye on the Debbie Bliss book for a while, as I'm really keen to make the beautiful cabled cardigan;
I love its vintage look and the gorgeous cables.It's in 4 ply too, so will be nice and fine, but one of those projects which takes a while. It's shown in a lavender colour which wouldn't be my choice, but I'm hoping the sales will present me with something suitable. (Incidentally my Rosa sweater in 4 ply has stalled somewhat as I've been knitting for Christmas).

I'm also keen on the short sleeved sweater from the cover;

Isn't it gorgeous? There are no projects on Ravelry with either of these two patterns yet but I'm looking forward to seeing how others get on with them.

I decided on the Itty Bitty Toys book as I was keen to get some nice patterns I could knit for my niece and other wee people I know. I'm particularly keen on this cute hippo;

I also like this lovely woolly sheep too!

In the meantime, I finished one of my Christmas present sewing projects for friends and family - if you want to see it, look on the Crafty Christmas Club blog here!

K x

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  1. What a gorgeous book! Debbie Bliss never disappoints, does she? I adore Kim Hargreaves, too.

    The hippo and the sheep are so adorable! :)


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