Finished Senchas

I finished making the Sencha blouse I blogged about in my last post. I'm really pleased with how it turned out and the fit is really good, I think. It's a very useful, 'wearable' item and it's really boosted my sewing confidence to have now made two items I really like and will wear.

After making the toile for the first one, I showed it to a friend from work, who used to work as a pattern cutter. She suggested some changes to the fit - adding a centimetre to the top of the shoulders and bringing it in slightly at the sides. The back was also a bit loose, so I made adjustments there too, as well as adding an inch in length.

Sencha 1 - fabric is from John Lewis

Sencha 2 - Fabric from a charity shop. The hem looks a bit wonky here, but it isn't - just the way I'm standing, I think project....I've got a very simple patten for a shift dress which I'm planning to make in some Ikea fabric. I've started the toile already and as it's a summery kind of dress, am hoping to get it made soon, making the most of any sunny weather we might possibly be getting in the near future....

Cecilia Fabric from Ikea

More on the dress next time, and a nicer photo of the fabric!

K x


  1. Lovely tops and that is gorgeous fabric for your next project, look forward to seeing it.

  2. Your blouses are beautiful, I especially the blue ikat one! I'm envious you achieved such great fit on them :)

  3. Great job on making wearable tops. What pattern did you pick for the shift dress?

  4. It was a 70s pattern, Maudella 5509 - a dress without a zip


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