Batman and the Bird Dress

This is the week, the week I will make the bird dress. I'm still not quite convinced that it's going to look good plus I am concerned over the wiseness of making a dress with white as the main colour. Am I too messy for this to be sensible? Probably. It might look stupid but I think I should just go for it. After two successful makes, I'm probably due another disaster. This is the pattern I'm using:A charity shop number, picked up for a whole 50 pence. And how could you resist the temptation to make a '3 Way Nifty Skimmer'?This is the birdy fabric from Ikea that I'll be using.

Other purchase; some spotty fabric from a local charity shop that often sells off the ends of fabric, very cheaply. I though I could use it for a blouse, but when I got it home I wasn't so sure about the texture of the fabric as it's a bit coarse. Still, I think it could make great lining fabric, perhaps for a skirt.

And finally, recent finds in the fantastic Mandors Sale, where much Liberty goodness was to be found. First the fabric;It's destined for some kind of bag project. No idea what yet, but I've just signed up for a Vintage Accessory making course in September, so I might be able to use it then.

And then, the leather. Mandors had a cart full of leather off cuts, also from Liberty, in all shapes, sizes and colours. I bought a few bits, again thinking they'd be useful for a small project like a brooch or maybe a purse.

However, star find has got to go to this beauty;

It was lurking amongst the basket of leather scraps. It looks like the skin of a ray or similar fish,, as you can see where the eyes would have been, as well as the shape of the tail. The rough skin has been smoothed and it's been dyed. I wonder what Liberty would have used it for? Or what on earth I'm going to do with it?! It almost seems a shame to cut it up. I had to buy it, as it was so fascinating, however I actually got it for free. My friend and I had a conversation with the shop owner about what on earth this was, and he kindly offered it to me for free, as it was such a bizarre object!

K x

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