A couple more finds, and some sewing

Thought I'd post a couple of pictures of some recent purchases. One is a lockable metal box, picked up in a charity shop.

I don't know who Daniel Sharpe is, but the label attached to the key says 'Cash Box'. However inside there are no sections, which makes me wonder if it really was originally designed as a cash box. My own interpretation/imagining is that it's a tuck box, which would have been taken by a boy to boarding school, to keep his sweets in, locked away! I don't know how old it is either. The name is nicely hand painted in gold but it's in good condition so can't be too old I think.

The other recent purchase is from the fantastic Che Camille in Glasgow. Their website with online shop is worth checking out. This cute bracelet uses vintage, hand painted buttons. I loved how unusual it was, and a great, simple idea. In fact, it's one of those things I'd think "I can make that" but in fact I probably would never get round to it. I've resolved to support more craftspeople and makers - and that was exactly how I justified the purchase to myself!!

I've nearly finished my Sencha blouse. Above is the fabric, ready for cutting. The fabric was a charity shop purchase too! It's the second version of Sencha I've made, and I really love the pattern. I think I will make a further one, using a different variation of the pattern - it comes with three variations.

I've nearly finished my Audrey in Unst cardigan too. However, I think it's a bit large - either through my choosing too large a size or through me getting the gauge wrong. I'll post some pictures soon. Let's hope it's still going to be wearable!

K x

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