Back after a break!

Well, I'm back after an enforced break, due to our laptop stopping working. It had to be sent away for repair, which curtailed my fledgling blog!

However in that time I have not been idle, and have some new finds to show...

Vintage buttons on their original card ( being investigated by a curious cat!)

A lovely knitting book - Fairisle Knitting by Sarah Don. I hope this will inspire some new knitting projects!

A book on embroidering with binka and a leaflet of embroidery transfers, complete with original transfers. I'm not planning to do any embroidery but am hoping the designs will inspire some knitting designs. The Binca book is from 1961, and I just love to look through it to see the interior set-ups, complete with beautiful period furniture from Heals and Peter Jones. Gorgeous!

All of these finds are craft-related, and are intended to inspire me to create new things. I've also got a few other new finds which I will post soon, which are non craft-related but just as good.

Plus our apparent devotion to sideboards (the furniture, not the facial hair) continues unabated! We purchased a fab 1960s sideboard last week which is waiting in our hall to be ensconced in the living room, once the horrible old gas fire is removed and we have got a new carpet. It's a beauty and was a bargain. However 2 sideboards for one room is excessive I admit. We only have a 1 bedroom flat after all!!

K x

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