Knitting Needles and Dress Progress

Ever since reading on another blog (I can't remember which one) about a tutorial to make bracelets from old plastic knitting needles, I've been thinking about giving it a try. Last week I went to one of my favourite (secret) charity shops and bought up all their coloured plastic needles. The lovely old ladies who staff the shop were so helpful - aren't those always the best kind of charity shops, which are staffed by sweet old ladies?

Above are the fruits of my labour - the yellow ones with blue ends are actually metal but I just loved the colour, and there is another odd one amongst the selection which appears to be metal covered in some kind of plastic.

However I'm having a bit of an ethical dilemma about the project, as I will be rendering vintage objects un-usable in their original form...some of the needles have lost their partner but I think I would hesitate to use the other ones. As someone who has made a career of the care and preservation of the past, it seems wrong somehow!

I do have my own collection of lovely vintage plastic needles, which were given to me by my mum. These have been used by her, my gran, and my great gran. I love the idea of using these 'family' needles which have been used to create knitted projects for decades, most of which are long gone. Perhaps I'm being over-sensitive with regard to the charity shop needles, due to my profession, but some craft projects really make you think!

The knitting needle bracelet tutorial is here, I'd love to know if anyone else had tried it, and how they got on.

As for the birdie dress, I've re-drafted the (very simple) pattern to make the dress more fitted and have cut the bird fabric. I seem to have done something weird with the arm holes in so doing, but am just going to have to go with it and see what happens in the making up. I'm not yest experienced enough as a dress-maker to know what my mess ups mean!

Fingers crossed....

K x

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