Summer Sewing Swap Partners Announced!

The Summer Sewing Swap is officially GO! Below you will find a list of all the swap partners.

Once you have found out who your partner is, it's up to you to contact them via email or blog comment to say hello and get their postal address. You can of course look at their blog to see what they might like, but you might also want to message them to ask a few questions if you'd like a bit more guidance for what to include in your swap package.

As this works on trust, it's all up to you swappers to ensure the swap goes smoothly, but do let me know by email if you are having a problem getting in touch with your partner or if you have any questions.

Swap Deadline

The deadline for the swap to be completed, with packages received by your partner is Wednesday 18th July, 6 weeks from today.

Swap Structure

Here's a reminder of the swap structure that I posted before:

  • You need to be an active blogger to take part, and so that your swap partner can stalk your blog to see what you like. You should have updated your blog in the last month and be interested in sewing (of course!).
  • You will spend up to a maximum of £15 (or local equivalent - that's US$24.11 according to purchasing sewing-related items to send to your partner. These can be new/vintage/thrifted, whatever.
  • The items may include fabric, patterns, trims, buttons or similar but use your imagination to  choose what you think your partner might like. Although the swap is centred around sewing, you could include other crafty items if your partner is into different crafts too.
  • You should send a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 5 items (you don't have to count buttons or other notions individually though, just use your initiative here!)
  • The maximum spend amount doesn't include postage. I think it would be nice to make the swap as international as possible so that participants are sending parcels internationally, but please state if you would prefer a partner from the same country and I will try to match that.
  •  I thought it would be fun if one of your swap items is something that is from where you live, just to add a bit of local colour :-) Interpret that rather vague direction as you wish!

When can I post about what I've received?

You can post about your received package on your blog whenever you like, and I will do a round-up post a week after the swap deadline so that everyone can post links to their own blog posts (Wow, there are a lot of 'posts' in that sentence!). Then we can all be nosey and see what everyone received.

Blog Button

If you're taking part, you might like to add the 'button' to your blog. You can save the image above to your computer, and then add it to the sidebar of your blog as an image and link it to here:

Partner List
    Debi of My Happy Sewing Place AND Sue of Sewin' Steady

    Helen's Sewing Adventures AND Hazel of Disaster in a Dress 

    StephC of 3 Hours Past The Edge of the World  AND Tilly of Tilly and the Buttons

    Gingermakes AND Lladybird

    Kylie of Lucy Violet Vintage AND Miss P

    The Craftytraveller AND Prttynpnk of Pretty Grievances

    Cation Designs AND Jane of Handmade Jane

    Shivani of Pins and Needles AND Mika of Savory Stitches

    Suzie of Su Sews So-So AND Dibs and the Machine

    Annabelle of Annabellebumps AND Roisin of Dolly Clackett

    Lenora Jane of The Big Dipper Said  AND Kerry of Kestrel Finds and Makes 

    Valerie of Sew Cranky AND Mumasu of Mumasu's Moments

    Marie of A Sewing Odyssey AND Katie of The Little Red Squirrel

    House of Pinheiro AND Chic Envelopments

    Tina of Down the Retro Rabbithole AND Melizza of Pincushion Treats

    shawntasews AND Sigrid of Analog Me

    Leah Franqui of Struggle Sews a Straight Seam AND Stitch and Witter

    Sew Eclectic AND Yvette Friendship of Sew Today Wear Tomorrow

    Twisted Yarns of The Very Best Jumper AND Red Silvia of Sil's Fab Knit Blog

    ingemaakt AND Sew on Trend

    Sian Lile of Sian Lile Makes AND MrsC of The Hectic Eclectic

      I'm so excited to be hosting the swap, and hope you'll all enjoy picking things for your partner, and maybe finding out about some new blogs along the way too.

      Ladies, Let the swapping commence!

      K x


      1. Thanks for organizing this Kerry! I am really excited to send some fun things to my swap partner :)

      2. Ahh, it commences. I am so excited. I need to start my research now.

      3. Awesome - I'm really excited! Thanks for organizing, Kerry. :)

      4. It thought I signed up for the swap too.. But now I see in my last comment that I forgot the adress of my blog. Is that the reason why I'm not part of the swap?

        1. I there, I'm really sorry, but yes, the name of your blog wasn't included in the comment and wasn't available on your Blogger profile. As your profile doesn't include your email address I couldn't email you to ask for your blog address either. Maybe next time! :-)

      5. Oh, yay, can't wait!!

      6. Oh yay, how exciting...I can't wait to get stuck in!!! Thanks for pulling this together!

      7. Super exciting -- thank you so much for coordinating this all!

      8. Aaaack! I missed the bandwagon on this one. Let me know if you need an alternate. I'd be happy to step in if someone gets ill. :)

      9. Awesome! I can't wait! Thanks for organizing this, Kerry!

      10. I am excited, I've checked out my lovely swap partner and my brain is a fizz with ideas already, thanks Kerry :)

      11. Woohoo! I'll be haunting my favorite places now with Tilly in mind! Better than Christmas (fewer crowds...), thanks for organizing this, Kestral.

      12. hooray! I've only had a passing glance at my buddies' blog, but it has me smiling and laughing with glee already! For shame, mine has not been updated for a while so as to return the pleasure.... Thanks very much for organising this Kerry!

      13. Oh I love this- what fun! I just hope my swappee isn't too horrified with me!

      14. Whoops I have only just seen this. I have contacted my swap partner straight away and have added my badge to my profile. Fingers crossed cant wait to see what goodies I get sent. Thanks for organising this :)

      15. I've been in contact with Tina and I am so looking forward to shopping for her. This swap is going to be a blast. So glad you thought of this.

      16. Glad to see you're all getting into the swapping frame of mind!

      17. Woo! So excited! I'm so far behind on my blog reader that I've only just got to this post - whoops! Really looking forward to this though and will be getting my thinking cap on asap. Thanks for hosting this!

      18. Yay, Tine and I have succesfully swapped :) the evidence is here:

        Thank you Kestrel for hosting the swap, it was much fun participating!

        1. Ooh you two are speedy! Well done and glad you enjoyed it :)

      19. What a great idea. I just read about it after seeing the results of some swaps. I'll have to keep an eye out for the next time you host it.


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