A Dress for a Wedding, and MMM finishes with a whimper

My goodness, my Me Made May really tailed off halfway through the month! I stopped taking daily photos, I think because I felt really grumpy that I was wearing the same stuff all the time, and wasn't very excited to share my outfits with the world. I did wear me-made every day except one, when I wanted to wear a nice dress because the weather was so lovely and sunny.

On the plus side, I am getting much better at getting a decent photo without having to take 500 million pictures, AND I feel really motivated to sew. So that's all good.

I do have pictures to share, of the dress I made to wear to a wedding last weekend:

 Look how sunny it is! In Scotland! I have included the photo on the left so you can see the man in the kilt, for those of you who might be interested. My outfit details are:

Dress: Me Made
Shoes: £50 Schuh, bought 2 years ago for my own wedding
Raffia Clutch Bag: Free - From a friend's clothes clear out, it used to belong to her stylish Gran
Belt: From an M&S dress
Silver and crystal necklace: 21st birthday present
Sunglasses: Chopard, £10 from TK Maxx sale

This is where the wedding was, and also where we were staying

Here's a quick run down on the dress:

Bodice of Simplicity of 3426 with the skirt of Woman W412 (the Simplicity skirt used more fabric than I had)

I used a cotton silk, underlined with white cotton. This gave the dress a really nice weight

How was it to make?
Easy, had to make a few fitting changes on the bodice but it was generally straightforward. I did a lot of it within a day - you can read about that here. It made me feel a little sad that I won't have the opportunity to wear it more often, since it's so pretty and I spent a lot of time on it. But that has made me more determined to make more things I can wear on an everyday basis.

About £30 including fabric, underlining and pattern(s). Not bad for a beautifully lined dress!

End result?
Very happy, but it would benefit from being worn with a petticoat. I know I have the ability to make one, but am evaluating whether I can be bothered to make one or not. Watch this space!

K x


  1. wow, thats a beautiful dress . Im sure you got loads of compliments. xx

  2. The bride and groom could not have picked a better weekend for their wedding weather-wise and what a stunning location! Your dress is so pretty and fits right in with the beautiful scenery. I love the early 60s fashions, so elegant with such interesting detail. You've done a great job on this dress...hope you get to wear it loads this summer!

  3. What a gorgeous dress, and background! I like this style without the petticoat but to be true to the era...it would add some girly flounce :-)

  4. Ooh its lovely, perfect colours and style :)

  5. How lovely! You look phenomenal. Also, that house is craaazy!

  6. The dress is beautiful - well worth creating your own opportunities to wear it even if they're not held in the fabulous setting of a castle!

    1. I know - it probably won't see such a stunning location again!

  7. Oh fantastic, Kestrel! That is so summery and glamourous :D
    And your jewellery is the finishing touch! Wow!

  8. Gorgeous! I love this dress! The squared neckline is really nice. I bet you could dress this down with a cardigan so you could wear it to work!

  9. Your dress is beautiful, and looks fab on you! :)

  10. Wow, that looks like a dream wedding and your dress certainly fits the bill for such a lovely event! The dress is so lovely, well done!

  11. You look beautiful! And what a location!!

  12. Thanks for the lovely comments everyone! :-)

  13. This is lovely! I really like the square neckline.

  14. That dress is just lovely and you look gorgeous! You have the most beautiful hair and a stunning smile! Bring back the sunshine! x

  15. It's so beautiful and I love the fabric choice! :D

  16. Gosh, gorgeous dress. Such a great choice of fabric.

  17. Kerry that is such a beautiful dress - the shape is oh so flattering on you! Gorgeous!!

  18. What a gorgeous dress, you look lovely. Hopefully you can think up some 'excuses' to wear it more often! And what a lovely location for a wedding (I have wedding locations on the brain at the moment as I still haven't picked mine!).

  19. gorgeous dress! such a great fit, and the style is so flattering on you. you look fab! :)

  20. The dress is beautiful. I like the skirt better than the fuller Simplicity one; you made a good decision. I hope you'll have other occasions to wear it.

  21. Positively gorgeous dress - the style is delightful!

  22. Your dress is gorgeous! Now I'm even more excited to try this pattern! Fabric shopping time!


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