Introducing: The Claire Blouse


Slam dunk! Another item ticked off my sewing plan from the start of April.

Peter Pan collar blouses and dresses have been in all the shops for months. I used to think the Peter Pan collar was really twee BUT THEN I realised I was completely wrong, and that actually I loved them (though this might have been enough to put me off for ever). Does that ever happen to you with any types of fashion?

My good friend and work colleague, Claire, who sits opposite me at work has several different blouses with cute collars. I think they worked into my consciousness and made me determined to make one for myself. Here's my review:

Pattern Used
It's McCalls 9458, a late 1960s pattern. I made view A (the central one)

Fabric and Notions
I used a lightweight printed cotton that I got from Kristen in the Crafters' Ceilidh swap back in January. I just love the print - it makes me think of Art Nouveau and moths' wings. The collar is made of scrap black cotton. I also found a perfectly matching lone button in my stash. Don't you love it when that happens?

Any changes made?
I had to grade the pattern down from a 38" bust plus add length to it. My grading on the arms went a little awry and they ended up very tight, and I couldn't raise my arms above my head. Luckily I had just enough fabric to cut more sleeves. I used the sleeves from this dress and the fit is much better plus I prefer the shorter sleeve length.

The pattern calls for a zip in the back but I went for a button with a rouleau loop and neatly turned over the edges of the fabric to make a clean edge. I also left a smaller seam allowance when sewing the top and bottom pieces of the collar together, so it would be a little larger than the pattern.

How did the project go?
Grading was ok, bit of a faff but not difficult. The top has French Darts, but though they are called this on the pattern envelope, the instructions do not ask you to treat them the way that my sewing books say you should treat French Darts i.e. cut along the fold. I was confused so I just treated them as normal darts. The sleeve bit was a hassle but I'm glad I decided to cut new sleeves as the fit is a lot better.

About £7 for the pattern only- the fabric was swapped or scrap and the button was from my stash.

Would I make it again?
Definitely, my plan was to make a few from this pattern once I had worked out the fitting kinks. There are a couple of changes to make - add width to the back so it's not so tight and shorten the darts primarily. Overall I'm really pleased and am planning to make another version to perfect it further before I break out the precious Liberty Tana Lawn.

K x


  1. I like it. From the looks, you enjoy wearing it.
    It's a winner.
    ABsolUTEly am smitten with the fabric.

  2. That is really cute on you! I love it. The button is perfect with it like it was meant to be. I do like peter pan collars, always have. :)

  3. That fabric looks so great for that pattern, and I love it with the black peter pan collar (which I too can't get enough of!). I love that we have garments with matching prints!

  4. Kerry - I am speechless. I love everything about this blouse - the print, the fit, the button, the collar oooooh the collar! Simply divine - make me one? ;)

  5. That's so cute and will be a great wardrobe staple x

  6. Really cute! I love this so much! I've always loved Peter Pan collars, but I can think of a few fashion trends that I didn't like at first that have now grown on me (opaque tights, rompers).

  7. I LOVE it! I love Peter Pan collars too!! Great to see the Crafters' Ceilidh fabric in such a lovely garment :)

  8. It's gorgeous! I do like Peter Pan collars. :)

  9. So cute! I love the version you made.
    I can't wait to make this's just been calling to me from my sewing table. I wish I wasn't so busy right now!

  10. Oh it looks great! I really love Peter Pan collars, and you suit them, with your slim neck :) Really nice touch with the loop and button instead of a zip!

  11. What a gorgeous blouse! I think I have fallen in love with blouses lately. I have you and Simplicity 4212 to thank for that :)

  12. Adorable!! Love the black collar paired with that delicious fabric :) It's fantastic!


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