Fabric & Yarn Shopping in Glasgow

This page contains reviews of fabric and wool shops in Glasgow. All reviews have been conducted independently by me and represent my own opinions.

City Centre



  1. Just found this, and perfect timing as I'm coming home to Glasgow next week. I went to the Cotton Print Factory on my last visit home last summer, very impressed (free tea and biscuits and a wee seat after hours of browsing, come on, what's not to like!). Thanks to your fab series, I'll be hitting up Gold Thimble and Fabric Bazaar, and finally getting to Mandors, I hope! Brilliant guide, thank you so much.

    1. I'm delighted it was useful! Happy shopping in Glasgow

  2. Thanks! I'm hoping to check some of these shops during my stay in Scotland!

  3. Thanks for these - more places to visit on my next trip to Glasgow!

  4. THere's also Kaleidoscope out at Milngavie!

  5. Dear lady - :)
    Does Scotland have the thrift shops that the US has? I think you call them "charity shops" where you are. We have more thrift shops than actual yarn shops. I have a very large hoard of mohair yarns, some cashmere, a large traveling trunk of crochet threads, and several boxes of sewing patterns- most from the early '70s/late 1960s. They are all there just for the taking and it seems people here don't appreciate vintage craft items- the big exception are the "flippers": those folks that snatch up cart-fulls (trolley-fuls) of items just to turn round to re-sell on eBay (I do not practice this as I prefer to keep mine and plus I think it is dishonest to do so, in some way) I never need visit a yarn or fabric store as there is so much here to have for a fraction of what new textiles and yarn will cost. I fear the day my "secret" is discovered! I live in a very hot and dry climate of Arizona, so thick lovely yarns are often passed up at second hand shops. I wish one of you Scots would fly out here, load up on goodies and take them back to Scotland, you could pay for your trip just by selling what you've found here. I've posted a few of my finds on a flickr page https://flic.kr/s/aHsknPZvYu I don't share most images of my yarns as it is tedious to take photos of them all. There are a few vintage 60s-70s-80s etc craft kits photos and info on my "goodies". I do not sell them, but I do complete them and give as gifts. Thrifting is my favorite pastime and Ive found some lovely linen, batik, oh so many fantastic textiles, all from second hand. the quality of older textiles is much much better than anything I can find today, as all the modern stuff is coming from China nowadays. Too bad!!

  6. Oh- apologies for my novel-length post, I forgot to include the most pertinent point to the whole thing! Duh-- my point being, if you have access to second hand or "charity" shops, one not need to visit retail establishments. I am a stay home mom, and try to save the Mr. his pay, so I only frequent the thrift shops so he won't complain about my expensive hobby :) everything I could possibly dream of is there. I even found an antique rug making tool, all in its original box! how much? 3 whole US dollars.Textiles are my main goal and I find some lovely things. If you need material you can slice up an old dress or whatever, and there you go. Practically free fabric.


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