Join us for a Scottish Crafters' Meet Up!

Are you a Scottish/north of England-based crafter who has felt just the teeniest bit jealous of the fabulous London blogger meet ups? Do you want to meet some like-minded knitters or seamstresses? Are you crafter looking for a reason to visit Edinburgh? Well, the Crafter's Ceilidh is for you!

What is it?
A meet-up of sewists, knitters and crafters. It is open to everyone - you don't have to be a blogger to attend. We'll start by getting to know each other over a lunch and then depending on how many people there are and what your interests are, we may split into groups (i.e. fabric shopping, yarn shops, vintage shops, etc.)  We'll meet back up for a pattern/fabric/yarn swap and more merriment.

Saturday 21st of January 2012

11:00am until 5:30pm.  And then why not stay on and join us for dinner and drinks if you can?

Edinburgh, Scotland

Join Us! 

Let one of your co-hosts (me, Kristen and/or Debi) know that you are interested in attending and we'll make sure you are on the mailing list for important logistical information.  Either leave a comment here or email me at: kestrelmail[at]gmail[dot]com.

Thanks to Debi for initiating the meet up and to Kristen for designing the fabulous blog button.

I do hope that some of you will be able to make it - and sorry if you have already read all this on Debi and Kristen's blogs - we're going for blanket coverage!

K x


  1. I just ticked my name on Debi's blog, so I'm doing it here too. PUT MY NAME DOWN.!!!lol...Can't wait to finally meet you Kestrel.

  2. Great! How exciting! Am so looking forward to meeting some more bloggers in real life too :)

  3. YES! Finally a Scottish meetup! Add me to your list please,, think I'll be trying to swap my shift that weekend! :)

  4. Waaa - you guys are killing me.... how much do I want to go to this - a crafty meet up, AND in Edinburgh.


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