After the Capsule Wardrobe - what's next?

After completing (nearly) all the sewn garments as part of the collection of items that I'm calling a Capsule Wardrobe, I want to do some assorted projects that I've been thinking about whilst I was diligently sticking to my plan. I have chosen 6 projects - all sewing this time, as I have my Manu cardigan to keep me ticking over with the knitting. The projects are (in no particular order):

1. Vintage Wrap blouse in Gingham/Check, version with short sleeves. I have a feeling this might look delightfully Hillbilly, but I am going to make it nonetheless.


2. A blouse with a peter pan collar based on the McCalls 9458 pattern I recently bought but possibly slightly altered. Over time I hope to refine the pattern and make several versions, including one from Liberty Tana lawn. I bought some fantastic Alice in Wonderland Tana Lawn with my Mandors voucher recently, and am waiting for just the right project.

3. A cord skirt for weekend wear, using a Vintage Simplicity pattern but much shorter than the length on the pattern, like knee length.

4. A casual dress for the weekends - something I can wear with leggings, probably in a plain colour rather than a print. Pattern and fabric to be decided.


5. A shirt dress - I have several potential patterns I could use, and might make use of the rayon above, in blue and fluorescent print.

6. A dress for a wedding at the end of May. Using a pattern and probably fabric that I already have.
    These projects are mostly based around patterns and fabric I already have, as I really want to make the most of my existing resources. I found that a bit of planning was helpful AND I have Me Made May in my sights, so want to get a few new garments completed for that.

    Sewing has already started, so I'll be bringing you the first garment from my new list very soon.

    K x


      1. What a great plan, your blouse looks lovely, can't wait to see what you come up with!

      2. That fluoro print is uh-maaaaa-zing! I can see it really popping with your colouring. Super excited to see a shirt dress in it, good lord, I have shirt dresses on the brain at the moment. That cord fabric is also so lovely, I'm sure it would get a lot of wear as a skirt and go really well with the Liberty fabric you've got there. Awesome plans!

      3. Ooh, so pretty! I love the gingham (cut it on the bias if you're worried about Hillbilly-ness - LOL!) and that lovely printed cotton and the cord! Beautiful! That Simplicity skirt pattern nearly did my head in! I'm so looking forward to seeing what you make :)

      4. That fabric #5 is fab-U-lous! If you don't sew that up asap I'll fly over to Scotland and steal it. I can, you know.

        Having spent my birthday (last month) in Beverly Hills, you'll be fine with the wrap blouse. Anything goes on your lovely tall, slender self...

        But start with fabric #5!

      5. great plan - looking forward to seeing the makes! I especially love the McCall's peter plan top and the lovely Alice in Wonderland lawn you've chosen. I'm thinking about joining in Me Made May this year too - but I need to see how my April sewing goes before I can confirm! x

      6. I'm impressed that you restrained yourself to not deviate from your capsule wardrobe plan - that is a feat I have yet to manage! Your new plans look great too, and that lawn is gorgeous! I reckon the gingham blouse will be lovely!

      7. Sounds great! Looking forward to seeing it all, as well as your last post sweater..

      8. Everything in this plan sounds, and looks, fabulous. I especially am taken with your fabric choices!!

      9. O my! What amazingly cute patterns! I love the tie shoulder sun top tooo!! I am really looking forward to seeing them as you make them up - you've got me rethinking my vintage patterns again now .....


      Thanks for reading and commenting - I love to hear what you have to say