Tuesday 8 May 2018

Getting into Embroidery

I enjoy having a craft project that I can work on while sitting on the sofa, watching TV. That used to be knitting, but I've been feeling uninspired with knitting recently so decided to try some embroidery. I had been saving interesting projects on Pinterest and Instagram for ages, and through that found cozyblue, who sells embroidery patterns and kits on Etsy. The patterns are downloadable pdf files, and you trace the design onto your fabric.

It's such a simple idea, and definitely makes me think that I should try tracing something myself and winging it with some embroidery. However, I do like a pattern to follow that takes some of the thinking out of the project and allows me to concentrate on the making. The patterns for these were about £4.50 each - there are of these 4 girls in the set and I've made 2 so far, but am delighted that my daughter likes them so much as she wants the other 2 as well.
I tried this one first as I had a selection of inherited embroidery threads to use - she's called Home Girl.
This was the pattern I really wanted to make - she's Galaxy Girl. I bought colour variegated thread and also metallic threads for it.

I'm pleased with how it turned out, though I didn't really enjoy sewing with the metallic thread. As it's 100% polyester instead of cotton, it was quite splitty and not soft.

In general I'm much more of a practical crafter, but I enjoyed making these so much that I'm really looking forward to making the next two. After that, I will have to explore different ways to keep doing embroidery, but integrating it into things like clothing or things for the house - I have an idea about embroidering fabric for a lampshade that may or may not happen.

K x


  1. I have been looking at embroidery too. My mum used to do a lot and I have deliberately not done any for years. I can still remember some of the stitches!

  2. Wow I love those so much! Beautiful work! Hopping over to the Etsy site RIGHT NOW :)

  3. I haven't done embroidery in years. I'll be heading to the craft store this weekend. I'm equally impressed with both of your projects.

  4. These are so stunning and unique! I'm pleased to see someone else falling down the embroidery rabbit hole!!

  5. These are lovely, looking forward to seeing the other two!

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  8. What a beauty of work. I love the pattern and the color scheme.. Idea is great and good for practic for embroidery digitizing lovers. Thank you


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