Tuesday 10 April 2018

Finished: Very Very Vaguely Aztec Skirt

This skirt pattern is from my stash of beloved New Look Maudella patterns from that slightly undefined sweet spot of later 70s and early 80s. Not so 70s they are distinctively 70s but not so 80s either, just perfectly wearable with great details.
New Look Maudella 6186 - the packet describes it as a straight skirt, which I disagree with - it has small gathers in front and back and is a bit flared.

Reason for pattern choice
This is from my stash of beloved New Look Maudella patterns and I chose it because of the classic shape and the yoke and button detail.
Fabric & Notions
The fabric came from Fabworks Millshop last year (still available here - see above. Amused to see the design is described as having 'vaguely Aztec vibes.' They are indeed vague Aztec vibes, unless we know for sure that the Aztecs loved Discos and graffiti). It's a chambray, but when it arrived I was unhappy with how rough it felt and it's a bit see through too. I was disappointed and put it to the side, thinking I might pass it on at a fabric swap. In the end, I decided to try matching it with the pattern, figuring that if it was awful it wasn't too much of a loss - the opposite of those projects where you are too scared to cut into the fabric because it's too precious. I used the wrong side as the right side, as the pattern was more subdued that way.
I used Prym press studs in silver for the buttons as I thought the colour looked good against the fabric. Satisfyingly, I had got the press studs for half price ages ago but annoyingly I made a mess of putting them on and had to remove two, so ended up buying another set of studs, grrr, thus totally cancelling out the sense of smug satisfaction.

Pattern alterations or any design changes
I added side seam pockets - of course. I thought I might have taken the length up but decided to leave it below the knee. I normally prefer skirts just above the knee as I prefer this length on me since I pretty much always wear flat shoes. However I think the style works well at this length and I liked how it looked in any case.

How was it to sew?
Pretty easy, adding snaps was easier than making buttonholes (or would have been if I hadn't messed it up).
Would you sew it again and do anything different next time?
I'd definitely sew it again, I like the shape a lot.

Would you recommend it to others?
Of course, if you can get a copy! It's a pretty classic shape

Pattern - £2 probably
Fabric - £12
Press studs - £12 (Roughly, since I needed to buy an extra packet!)

Total: £26 - the cost of press studs really pushed up the total cost
This was one of those pleasantly surprising projects, where expectations are low and so a good result feels even better. The skirt will be good for summer but also wearable for spring and autumn with tights. I'm glad I used the wrong side of the fabric as the lighter design adds a bit of interest but isn't too full on, so it still easily be paired with patterned tops.

K x


  1. Aztec discos! I had a chortle at that. Your skirt is lovely and definitely a bit more of an A-line than the pattern suggests. The silver studs look really great as a contrast and I am sure that you will be able to use the spare ones for something else (still annoying though for 2). I have quite a few patterns from that era and apart from the illustrations they are really stylish. Your fabric has a bit of a Keith Haring vibe to it. Xx

  2. Wow this is just so utterly, perfectly 1981 in every way, and looks great now too! As so often those classic pieces can. Aztec giraffes rofl

    1. Thanks, am very pleased to have produced something I really like out of some fabric I didn't particularly like

  3. Ah, late 70s/early 80s patterns - alarming hairstyles in the illustrations, great clothes! Love the skirt (and the idea of Aztec discos).

  4. I have a few patterns in my stash from that era too, my mum made a lot of clothes around then.
    Of course you added pockets, the blessing of making your own clothes! What a shame about the press studs, live and learn eh?
    This looks like a useful skirt, the kind you find yourself wearing a lot as it's suitable for anytime.


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