Progress, progress

As Me Made June gets ever closer, I have been working away on a few different projects, mindful of the fact that I need to produce a few more me-made items.

I've finished knitting the left front of my vintage cable cardigan;

I've been really enjoying the knit (it isn't going to be finished for June btw!) The pattern is written in a straightforward way, and the cable pattern is over 8 rows, making it easy to remember without having to refer to the written pattern very often. It's done by measurements too, ie. 'Knit armhole to 9 inches' rather than by counting the numbers of rows, which I much prefer. I've also got a couple of train journeys to Edinburgh over the next 2 weeks, giving me about 3 1/2 hours of total knitting time....bliss! I love knitting on the train.

I've been keeping up with the Crescent Sewalong too, and feel like I've been learning a few new techniques - French seams, nifty gathering techniques and slash pockets. My skirt is very much taking shape too:

I'm not so sure about the fabric I've chosen. It definitely screams SUMMER!! but the colours are quite acidic, and maybe a bit 1990s for me. However I did choose the fabric as it was a bit different to what I normally select, so it's no wonder I'm finding it a bit bright. The test will be in how often it gets worn. I love the shape of the skirt and the slash pockets, and hope we get appropriately sunny weather to justify lots of wear.

Simplicity 2593 is also continuing apace. I used a stash fabric (pat on the back) and just had enough to squeeze out the pieces.

The binding on neckline and armholes was tricky, as I had to make my own binding, and it was pretty uneven. I like the effect it gives however. Think I need to invest in one of those clever bias binding makers! In fact, I would be grateful for a recommendation on this - I've seen the Clover ones getting praise on some blogs, but I wonder if the Hemline brand ones are as good. Maybe they're exactly the same?! It's hard to get an idea just by looking at the packet. Please let me know if you have any tips!

The main feature of this pattern is the neckline, which I have pinned on prior to hand sewing:

There are still 2 weekends left until June (and a precious bank holiday!), so I will be sewing like the wind to get some more pieces made. Are you ready for MMJ?

K x


  1. Looking good! I think I've got enough stuff to wear, I've just got to finish making another skirt out of leftovers and I'm done. Although I'm tempted to have a go at the Colette Violet blouse as well...! x

  2. I used to have a clover bias binding maker which "worked", but I found the hardest bit was cutting the strips of fabric. Do you ahve a rotary cutter? I think this may be the secret for success!

  3. Love your crescent skirt!!! It's looking great! I need to refashion a few sweaters for me-made-June as not everything will go with the outwear stuff I've made ( wonder since I only have a 30's cape, 40's faux fur jacket and 70's poncho...teeheee...)

  4. Well done you. I like the fabric you've used for your skirt.

  5. Kestrel, that skirt is some fabulous!!! The print and style is terrific and I can totally see you pairing it with awesome tops, too. You would rock lime green and cornflower blue :)

  6. Thanks for the lovely comments ladies - I'm looking forward to seeing your MMJ outfits.

    Roo, I don't have a rotary cutter so maybe should invest in one. Think I should have paid a bit more attention when cutting, for a start!

  7. I love train knitting too! So fun! Socks are my preferred travel-knitting project. Love your new skirt and top!

  8. They're all looking great. I really like the 'summery' skirt fabric! I love my rotary cutter, I can highly recommend investing in one. Also I just bought a bias binding maker, don't think it was either of the brands that you mentioned though. I've not used it yet but I'll let you know how I get on!

  9. What a lovely skirt I love the style and the fabric, I'm sure you'll get lots of wear out of it, as long as the sun shines! x


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